From hand tools to power tools and garage equipment, Motorway has it all. Besides supplying directly to the motor industry, we also have our own workshop and mechanical crew which ensures we are aware of the needs and value of the right tool for the job.

We strive to maintain our highest level of availability throughout our tool program which is constantly evolving with technology advances and the ever changing engine formats.

Even the old basic hand tools like screwdrivers present a challenge for standard repairs with hex, torx, security torx, multi-spline and star heads now being a necessity. Left hand wind back brake calipers to the depths of electronic diagnostic fault codes are not an issue as Motorway cater for all tool requirements.

Motorway is a haven for the DIY car enthusiast as not only can they be assured of getting what they need, they will get professional advice on how to tackle the car repair or car maintenance.

From ratchet sockets to spanners and oils filter and spark plug removers to car jacks and engine cranes, Motorway is the one stop shop for all tools needed.